May 20, 2023

/usr Merge

While browsing, I came across this article mentioning Debian’s decision to delay the implementation of the /usr merge. The article prompted me to dive deeper into the topic and explore its significance. What is /usr merge? The /usr merge (also known as /usr move) entails relocating specific directories, including /bin, /sbin, and /lib from the root file system ("/") to the /usr directory. This restructuring aims to streamline the system architecture and improve versatility. Read more

April 10, 2023

Deploy Arch Linux microVM with Firecracker

Firecracker is a virtual machine monitor that leverages KVM to rapidly launch Linux guest VMs. Its key advantage is its ability to quickly start up VMs. Firecracker was created by AWS with the aim of boosting the speed and efficiency of AWS services such as AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate. Written in Rust, Firecracker is licensed under the Apache version 2.0. Firecracker is an open source virtualization technology that is purpose-built for creating and managing secure, multi-tenant container and function-based services that provide serverless operational models Read more

August 10, 2022

Kernel Newbies

TIL about kernelnewbies. It is a community of aspiring Linux kernel developers who work to improve their Kernels and more experienced developers willing to share their knowledge. You can follow a tutorial for creating your first kernel patch, or read about Linux kernel Hacking. You can further learn about kernel subsystem as well.

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