June 7, 2024

Let's dig Fossil

Fossil is a distributed version control system created by D. Richard Hipp, the same person who developed SQLite. Written in 2006, Fossil was designed to support the strict development process inspired by DO-178B, a standard used in aviation software development that emphasizes safety and reliability through thorough documentation and tracking of all changes. DO-178B is a standard for developing safe and reliable aviation software. It requires thorough documentation and tracking of all changes. Read more

May 28, 2024

Exploring GitHub Repos and PRs with gh, fzf, and a touch of GraphQL

Have you ever been awestruck by someone’s workflow and wanted to replicate it? I certainly have. My recent awe moment was when I saw my senior colleague, Professor Peter, navigating through GitHub repositories and pull requests from the comfort of his terminal. Moreover, he maintain multiple working directories within a single Git reposioty with git worktree. He’s a real wizard. I asked him to show me the way of the wizard, and he agreed to take me under his tutelage on the condition that he wouldn’t show me his code but would only guide me. Read more

March 27, 2024

Taekwondo: Strategy guide for different types of opponents

Walk on the mat with no fear. Walk off the mat with no regrets. In Taekwondo, knowing how to handle different opponents is key to winning. Each match brings a new challenge, depending on who you’re facing. Whether it’s someone taller, someone who attacks a lot, or someone you’ve never fought before, having the right strategy can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll share tips on how to adjust your approach for various types of opponents. Read more

March 18, 2024

Using Lambda with API Gateway Tutorial

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through a hands-on experience of creating an AWS Lambda function and setting it up with Amazon API Gateway using Terraform. Getting started The goal here is to replicate the AWS tutorial for creating a Lambda function triggered by API Gateway, but using Terraform for the infrastructure setup. The AWS tutorial guides you through creating a simple Lambda function that performs CRUD operations on a DynamoDB which can be triggered via an HTTP request through API Gateway. Read more

January 17, 2024

Resolving git push errors

Git can be tricky, especially when you get errors. It’s important to understand what these error messages mean. In this article, we’ll look at two common Git push errors and explain in simple terms how to fix them. Error 1: Mismatched Branch Names fatal: The upstream branch of your current branch does not match the name of your current branch. To push to the upstream branch on the remote, use git push origin HEAD:main To push to the branch of the same name on the remote, use git push origin HEAD To choose either option permanently, see push. Read more

December 5, 2023

Understanding AWS ECS-Exec better.

ECS Exec simplifies the process of running commands or obtaining an interactive shell within a container, similar to docker exec. I perused the Using Amazon ECS Exec to access your containers on AWS Fargate and Amazon EC2 to understand its mechanics. Here are my key takeaways: Container Requirements: To initiate an exec into a container successfully, it’s essential to have either netstat or heapdump utilities pre-installed in the container’s base image. Read more

July 26, 2023

Containerize Nodejs App

In a recent technical interview, I faced a series of challenges to be completed within a strict 24-hour timeframe. One such task was to containerize a Node.js application, and I’d like to share my approach and reasoning with you. Note I will be using the terms “containerize” and “dockerize” interchangeably, as well as referring to “Dockerfile” and “Containerfile” interchangeably. Hello World The code was initially very simple and you can check it here. Read more

July 23, 2023

Developer Conference 2023

This year was a remarkable milestone for me as I had the privilege of being a speaker at DevConMU. I was ecstatic to have not just one, but two and a half sessions to share my knowledge and experiences with the audience. Allow me to explain the intriguing “half session” later on. My journey with DevCon began back in 2019, its fifth edition, at Voila Hotel & Flying Dodo Brewery, Moka and the theme was inspired by “Game of Thrones. Read more

July 10, 2023

Three Tips for Attending Developers Conference 2023

This year marks the 10th anniversary of MSCC and the 7th edition of Developers Conference. It will take place for 3 days, from 20th to 22nd July at the Caudan Arts Centre. There will be 4 rooms: Andromeda, Pandora, Titan and Tatooine which will have around 30 talks. It’s a huge conference with a ton of cool and interesting things to check out. Start your day off right by registering in the morning at the Andromeda room. Read more

July 2, 2023

Configuring AWS Application Load Balancer for Web Servers

I’ve attempted a Hands-on Lab on A Cloud Guru titled Use Application Load Balancers for Web Servers. In this lab, I configured an Application Load Balancer (ALB) to distribute network traffic to two EC2 instances, while also enabling sticky sessions to ensure users are consistently directed to the same server. I approached the lab in two different ways. First, I followed the traditional method by creating a default VPC and using the legacy load balancer (using the elb subcommand). Read more

July 1, 2023

Inquisitive Insights: June 23

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Inquisitive Insights! In this month’s installment, I have handpicked an array of incredible discoveries and resources that will captivate your mind and propel you further along your tech journey. Awesome websites cloudbite Brute.Fail: Watch brute force attacks fail in real time fossfox: work in open-source & get paid for it News AWS Certified: Associate Challenge openSUSE MicroOS Desktop Gnome was renamed to openSUSE Aeon, and the Plasma Desktop version is being renamed to openSUSE Kalpa Red Hat’s commitment to open source: A response to the git. Read more

June 21, 2023

Deploy WordPress With Amazon RDS

I aspire to become a cloud architect, specializing in AWS. To enhance my skills, I’m currently focused on learningfrom AWS Hands-on Tutorials and actively practicing their exercises. To kickstart my learning journey, I deployed WordPress on an EC2 instance connected to an RDS instance. This practical experience allows me to solidify my cloud knowledge effectively. Getting started First, I created an Access key for my admin user on the AWS console. Read more

June 14, 2023

Cloud Resume Challenge

The cloud resume challenge is a self-directed learning project created by Forrest Brazeal, a cloud architech and AWS Community Hero. It is designed to help individuals enhance their cloud computing skills and create a professional-looking resume website using various cloud technologies. The Challenge and Its Structure The challenge revolves around building a serverless web application that serves as a personal resume or portfolio website. It provides a structured format, guiding participants through a series of tasks and milestones to complete the project successfully. Read more

June 13, 2023

Experimenting with OpenSUSE MicroOS and i3 window manager: Day 1

Immutable desktops have gained significant traction in recent years due to their stability and security advantages. If you’re interested in exploring immutable distributions, you can refer to this comprehensive list on GitHub that provides a curated selection of options: https://github.com/castrojo/awesome-immutable#distributions. Two distribution caught my attention: Fedora Sericea and Greybeard(not on the list yet). Fedora Sericea is a variant of Fedora Silverblue, while Greybeard is an experimental project based on openSUSE MicroOS Desktop. Read more

June 2, 2023

Inquisitive Insights: May 2023

Hey there, I am starting a new monthly series called Inquisitive Insights which will be a gateway to the exciting world of tech. I’ll be sharing the coolest and most intriguing discoveries which are related to my interests and career. Whether you’re a coding whiz or a curious beginner, this series is designed to entertain, inform, and inspire you on your tech journey. In each edition, we wil have a collection of awesome git repositories, stream of tech news, fascinating blog posts, and tutorials to sharpen your skills. Read more

May 20, 2023

/usr Merge

While browsing lwn.net, I came across this article mentioning Debian’s decision to delay the implementation of the /usr merge. The article prompted me to dive deeper into the topic and explore its significance. What is /usr merge? The /usr merge (also known as /usr move) entails relocating specific directories, including /bin, /sbin, and /lib from the root file system ("/") to the /usr directory. This restructuring aims to streamline the system architecture and improve versatility. Read more

April 20, 2023

Neovim Config Switcher

Neovim version 0.9.0 has been released and one of it’s new feature is the introduction of the environmental variable $NVIM_APPNAME. Setting $NVIM_APPNAME makes Neovim look for its configuration directory in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$NVIM_APPNAME instead of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvim. 1 Here’s an example to give you a better idea. We have the NvChad’s config. $ ls .config/NvChad init.lua lazy-lock.json LICENSE lua To make Neovim use this particular configuration file, we set the env variable $NVIM_APPNAME and open nvim. Read more

April 10, 2023

Deploy Arch Linux microVM with Firecracker

Firecracker is a virtual machine monitor that leverages KVM to rapidly launch Linux guest VMs. Its key advantage is its ability to quickly start up VMs. Firecracker was created by AWS with the aim of boosting the speed and efficiency of AWS services such as AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate. Written in Rust, Firecracker is licensed under the Apache version 2.0. Firecracker is an open source virtualization technology that is purpose-built for creating and managing secure, multi-tenant container and function-based services that provide serverless operational models Read more

March 14, 2023

Firefox with Tab Style Tree

As someone who often finds myself with multiple Firefox windows open and dozens of tabs across them, managing my browsing history can be challenging. I struggle to keep track of how I ended up on a particular page, as I frequently open links in new tabs without bookmarking them. As a result, the number of tabs I have open can quickly become overwhelming. To tackle this issue, I started searching for a Firefox extension that would help me organize my tabs in a more hierarchical and structured way. Read more

February 19, 2023

Refined ChaptGPT Prompt

Well-written prompts can be invaluable in guiding individuals towards refined and insightful responses. With carefully crafted language, prompts can encourage individuals to think more critically, creatively, and in-depth about a topic or idea. Below is a collection of prompts designed for a variety of situations and for the purposes of amusement. Research prompts Can you provide me with a long and well-thought-out comprehensive yet simplified guide of [SUBJECT], that only includes offline information that you are certain is true and excludes any speculation or uncertainty? Read more

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